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Madre Laith Cinderella at Caval
2/26/96 - 4/12/99

Cinder was expecting her second litter. When problems were noted on 4-12-99, Cheryl rushed her to the vet, Joe. He performed a C-section and spayed her; however, Cinder did not recover from the anesthetic. As Cheryl said, "This is hard and I miss her oh, so much. I want others to know that any breeder who says they've never had any problems with breeding either hasn't bred very much or isn't telling the whole truth. As natural as having a litter is, it is full of dangers to the mom-tobe. And when that mom-to-be is a special companion to have to understand the risks you take. Being a consciencious breeder means adding the right things to continue the breed and making tough choices when the need arises... it is not having puppies because they are cute or making money on puppies."
Cinder had a special place at night sleeping right by Cheryl's head on the bed. During the past few days of her life, she went everywhere with her mom. Cinder had a sweet personality and was a great mom to her first litter. She will be deeply missed both for herself and her ability to add to the breed.

Cheryl.....although we did not know her the special way you did, we want you to know that we share your loss and send our condolences.  She'll be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge!

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